Be Hands Free!
For the days you want to carry less, and be hands free - WEAR a LillyMae Bag!  Every bag has an easily adjustable strap so EVERY BAG can be worn around the WAIST (Fanny Pack) or CROSS Body.

Every Bag also provides HEADPHONE access through the side-eyelet. Keep your iPod, mp3, or phone safe inside your bag and still have access to your music!

When you need a larger purse, your LillyMae Fanny Pack / Cross body bag fits easily inside.

Your LillyMae bag is a perfect replacement for any wallet, plus room for a cell phone, and wear it as a Fanny Pack or Cross Body Purse!


Small - for just the basics!

Use the extra pocket to seperate your essentials. A LillyMae Fanny Pack / Cross Body bag
will hold any cell phone, iPod, mp3, DS, small digital camera, etc. A safe way to keep your
electronics on your person.

Shopping? Outdoor Activities? Traveling? Out with Children?

Working out? Date Night? Out with Friends?

Wear your fanny pack / cross body purse any way you like for any activity!                                                                                              

Admit it! The fanny pack was a good idea....
it just needed a little make-over!

Life continues to get more demanding and hectic. Your phone has become part of you and keeping it with you while running your hectic life can get challenging.  Strap a LillyMae Cross Body Bag to your waist and GO! With the longer shirts we all wear most ot the time your fanny-pack is hidden from view. Wearing your bag Cross Body, provides the same easy access over or under any outfit!